My Book , Believe2Achieve

Your Mind Power “As you wish, so shall you get; Believe 2 Achieve is so powerful, and it will teach you how to achieve what you wish. It will open your eyes to new worlds of possibilities. Most people struggle in life, especially when it comes to achieving success in their financial life, their career […]

Your Mind Power

Your Mind Power Did you know that your mind does have the power to heal your wounds, whether physical or mental. Your mind can overpower the cells in your body to work towards directing their energy to heal your injuries. The re-creative and revitalizing ability of your mind is the most important medicine that holds […]

Stop thinking of your self as a Dunce!

Stop thinking of your self as a Dunce! We all have the potential in varying degrees. Sometimes the people around us and we ourselves fail to see that potential in ourselves. Take an average teenager. More often that not we grow up believing that we cannot do certain things. It is not always our fault, […]

The True Potential of the Human Mind

The True Potential of the Human Mind Humans are programmed to think and wonder. Have you ever wondered how is it that we know the things that we know? You know you have. As children we grow up within a regimented system of education where we are taught about the world and the basic facts […]

4 Tips to Get in Touch with Your Feelings Instead of Burying Them

4 Tips to Get in Touch with Your Feelings Instead of Burying Them By Sam Russell “Hope is the feeling that the feeling you have isn’t permanent.” ~Jean Kerr I’ve just given up smoking. Again. It’s a bad habit that I can’t seem to shake because I’m likely to relapse when I’m stressed. I try […]

The Power of Marketing

The Power of Marketing With the establishment of an open economy, the whole world has become a giant market. Marketing is the omnipotence factor within this huge establishment and it’s over modern society is one aspect that has been much debated over by social scientists. Most of the ideal of today’s society has been set […]

The Power of Goals

The Power of Goals Goals should not be like New Year resolutions that are made to be forgotten. And remember that a goal can be small. It can be simple, and it can be rather difficult to realize, by any standards. Whether you have decided to clean the attic today or want to get through […]


CAN OTHER PEOPLE’S ENERGY VIBRATIONS AFFECT YOU? Have you ever seen someone in a bad mood walk into a room and bring everyone in it down? The atmosphere in the entire room changes. Suddenly everyone becomes more irritable, on edge, and pessimistic. Likewise, a person in a great mood can walk in and make everyone […]

Program your Mind to Win

Program your Mind to Win Whenever we take up a job, we put every step forward to take us to the top spot, so that we can win. We like to win, not only running competitions in school but also presenting critical presentations at the office. Everything we do in life is directed towards success. […]