• TV Executive & Media Charisma Training
  • Certified NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist
  • Executive Coach
  • Leadership & Performance Coach
  • International Motivation & Keynote Speaker
  • Corporate Trainer
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training
  • Lifestyle Transformation Coach
  • Womens Empowerment

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Keynote & Motivational Speaker

Whether she is speaking to a large group of high-level executives or a small intimate group of women, Claire leaves her audience mesmerized with her captivating style. She has the ability and experience to make every event unforgettable for all the participants. Her events include international conferences, global summits, executive conferences or awards ceremony to name a few.

Dr. Claire Awada is far more than a motivational keynote speaker. She has a gift when it comes to guiding and developing confidence in others through her well though her well thought out and significantly effective presentations. She will rapidly draw you in and grab your attention with her charismatic and charming approach coupled with her persuasive and compelling message. Every speech contains enjoyable and engaging stories that motivate, empower, and prepare participants to enhance and improve every aspect of their life.

She has an unmatched sense of sophistication and grace that engages and fires up her audience to make great strides in releasing limiting beliefs and making breakthroughs that lead to levels of success, self realization, contentment, and serenity that have eluded them. She has a genuine, vibrant and energetic approach that captivates her audience's attention when they are in her presence and her authenticity is always inspirational.


Executive Coach

Dr. Claire Awada is very skilled at crafting presentations that are geared to the specific audience she is speaking to. She creates customized presentations that will speak to the immediate needs of any given audience, which is why her presentations have such a powerful impact.

TV Executive & Media Personality Coach

Claire Awada Charisma & Executive Coach, International Keynote & Motivational Speaker

For many years now Claire Awada has been interviewed on countless radio and TV shows as an expert on gaining confidence and the fine art of communication.

She has been instrumental in helping many powerful multinational companies increase their bottom line and the performance levels of high level employees within the company.

The Charisma Gateway Coaching program is designed to meet your individual or companies goals when you apply the well tested and proven action plans.

Learn to communicate effectively and efficiently to maintain the attention of your audience whether it is an audience of one or one thousand.

Capturing your audiences attention requires that you develop a relationship of cooperation that start with honest and effective communication.


Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Transform your life with Claire’s mentorship. Thousands of people worldwide have engaged in the various coaching programs offered by Dr. Claire Awada.

With her leadership presentations, Dr. Claire Awada will share engaging and entertaining stories, that have insights and assignments that will inspire you to start living your life with intention. She also provides visual and verbal tools that help direct your thoughts and actions.

For over a decade Dr. Claire Awada has been constructing and steering revolutionary experiences that advance and enhance businesses, relationships, and individuals. She also teaches courses in persuasion, Leadership and time management along with her thriving Lifestyle Transformation Coaching practices. In these roles Claire has been a key player in the way thousands of people have come to reflect , express and live their lives.

Her methodology has been instrumental in helping multinational companies increase sales and improve the performance levels of their employees within their companies. Claire's vision is to motivate change through inward growth. She has tailored training curriculum for many companies worldwide leading them to produce results beyond any previous records by following her techniques.


Achieve Your Big Goals

Learn strategies and get tools to communicate clearly, genuinely and persuasively to achieve your goals. Find solutions to problems, negotiate better deals, imagine and manifest amazingly positive outcomes for yourself.

Claire is known for her ability to use words with precision to persuade and motivate those who are in search of change in their lives. She will teach you the importance of carefully choosing the words you use towards yourself and others and how this simple, yet effective change will help make a significant difference in all areas of your life. Participants will get practical and useful techniques to make sure their thoughts are being related clearly and effectively to be heard by team members, business partners, employers, employees, and loved ones.

When you are part of these interactive sessions, you will start paying closer attention to the quality of thoughts, descriptions, and questions you have been asking, especially the questions we ask ourselves and what we say in response. You will leave the event with simple and actionable steps and methods to clear your mind of negative and unproductive thoughts and questions as well as have the ability to tap into your own intelligent and empowering questions and answers to boost and intensify your accomplishments, improve your self-realization and increase your level of success in business and life.


The Charisma Gateway

Through her vast training and experience, Claire knows that when she makes the audience the focus of the keynote speech , they retain and apply the knowledge more frequently.

Claire Awada Training - California
Become a Licensed Neuro- Linguistic
Programming Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Constructing and steering revolutionary experiences that advance and enhance business, relationships and individuals.

Change Your Life by changing your mind! Harness the power of your conscious and unconscious mind. Claire Awada has guided thousands of people on their journey to freedom from their limiting beliefs and to learning how to harness their core values with their goals by finding their true purpose and passion. MAKE THAT MOVE TODAY!

NLP involves the conscious and unconscious mind one being the goal setter, and the other being the goal getter. NLP allows you to establish a new life...in just a few days! You will learn how to let go of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back. NLP guides you to gain Clarity and the mental freedom to release your past and look to the future...the Freedom that comes from living with passion by living your true purpose. The Self-determination to live your authentic life and make choices with intention and confidence.

*Stop reacting to life and start making conscious choices

*Harness your power to love, conceive and succeed

*Identify what is truly most important to you in relationships, business, and life

*Learn to get clear in your thinking and courageous in your choices

* Use your innate ability to visualize and manifest the future you want

* Become a clear communicator with yourself and others.

Learn how to communicate clearly and consciously about what you want because you will get it.