Available To Download For The First And Only Time…

“Dr. Claire Awada’s 5-Day Mindset Transformation Course”

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this, chances are you are one of the people who joined the 5-Day Mindset Transformation Course presenting by Dr. Claire Awada.

You’ve also seen firsthand how she was able to help you discover how your mind works, and how it can help you change your life forever.

I don’t know about you, but for many people…

It Helped Change Their Lives For The Better

Even though we’ve helped Claire running a program like this for a long time, we still find it amazing what people can accomplish when they started shifting their mindset.

For example, Jane a mother of two who had finally started her dream business, after years feeling stuck and can’t do anything but planning the marketing simply because she was afraid the business would fail.

Or Cindy, who finally decided to write her first self-development book and is just getting started following Claire’s path by becoming a life coach. Helping people is what she’s really good at, however, she never had the time to get started because she felt she didn’t have enough time. She’s an executive assistant, so you can imagine how busy her job is.

Long story short, after working with Claire, she could finally see the truth. Yes, she actually has the time, but her mindset keeps holding her back with so many excuses.

These life-changing moments happen when you’re able to change your mindset.

And on the 5-Day Mindset Transformation Course, she taught some of her best strategies for a life-changing mindset-transformation.

The only problem is, this is the first and only time she taught her these strategies.

…Which is too bad because, until today, we still receive messages from people asking whether or not this course will be offered again.


Fortunately, Claire asked us to record the course.

Sure, by learning from a recording, you won’t be able to ask a question while learning.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is,

You Can Watch The Course And Follow The Training At Your Own Pace

Yes, now you can download the recording, and what you’ve learned from the 5-Day Mindset Transformation course will be yours forever.

As a reminder, here’s what’s covered in the course:

Day 1
Your journey to a mindset transformation begins with your brain. On the first day, Dr. Claire will show you why your brain is your blueprint to achieving success in life. She will share some interesting facts about your brain, which you should know to prepare yourself for a life-changing journey.

Day 2
On the next day, you will learn and unlock the Key#2: Understanding how your brain works. On this day, Dr. Claire will share with you how your brain works and how things outside of you affect your mood and focus. If you always wonder why you can’t stay positive, you’ll get the answer on this day.

Day 3
After you understand more about your brain, you’ll get to learn the strategy to “hack your brain”. This is Key #3, which will help you overcome your fears, any other obstacles and take back control of your life.

Day 4
At this step, you will understand how to overcome your fears and negative thoughts. What you’ll learn next from Dr. Claire is about how to upgrade your mental energy and stay positive. Yes, this is the Key#4, and will help you to become a more positive person, with a growth mindset.

Day 5
Last but not least, you’ll learn how to develop and create powerful habits that will change your life forever. At this step, your mind has completely changed, and you’ll feel like you’re a completely different person – a better version of yourself.

…And You Can Get It For a Very Reasonable Price!

Even if you only implement ONE technique from everything you’re going to learn… And that one technique leads to a breakthrough in your life or career…

Would you agree that paying $199 or even more would be an absolute bargain?

In fact, if you were to pick Dr. Claire’s brain one on one for her mindset transformation secrets, you’d have to shell out $297 for per hour – and probably wait for a few weeks when there’s a spot available in her schedule.

So even if she charged $250 for this… we’re positive many people will still buy it.

But this is going to be a no-brainer… check this out:

Right now, you can get the recording and watch it at your leisure for just… $79.

And Obviously, There’s No Risk…

If for any reason you feel like it’s not for you after XX days of your purchase, just write to us and we’ll refund your money. Yes, you’ll get your money back without any hassle!

We only want you to spend your money on something that brings real value to your life.

That’s why we’re offering a guarantee this strong.

If You’re Feeling Stuck With Life, This Is The Missing Ingredient

Whether you want to start a big project, leave your comfort zone, live a happier life, or achieve the goals you’ve been dreaming of for years… this course will help you do that.

The question is: Will you let that happen?

The choice is yours.