You are one simple decision away from changing your life forever.

Have you ever thought how amazing it would be change yourself completely? By
change, I do not mean the physical appearances. It is the change you cannot see but experience.
We all know that change doesn’t happen overnight. But, we ought to start
somewhere right?
Why don’t you start today?

Dr. Claire Awada

Realizing that you need a change is the first big change you will go through.

Acknowledging one’s own problems requires immense courage, if you are doing it and thinking about a change, you are already half-way through the process.

The will to change comes from within. If you have the will, I am here to lend you the helping hand and get you to transform your life all together.

The world is so filled with different types of people and no two of us are the same. Yet, we develop huge expectation in life and expectation from others. Even though we are all unique, we have similar kinds of mind. 

Our mind always defends us and protects us from harms way. Although it does so much, we still get hurt, feel bad, regret doing things, endure pain and retain a level of negativity within us. 

It is hard to get rid of these negatives and be an entirely optimistic individual.
Trust me, It took me long time to get where I am. I learned from the best on how to transform a mind. So, now, I want to give back.

I do these courses, so I can share the happiness I experience today with other.

I dream of a world filled with positivity and that is my why behind offering these courses.

Every step you take is one step closer to changing yourself from within and impacting the world positively. If you can impact the world positively, then imagine how you can change your life?

Have you imagined living a positive life in which you will overcome every hurdle easily, maintain stable relationships, have a peaceful mind, sleep like a baby and inspire people around you?

Sounds amazing right!

That’s what we are talking about now.

The life-transformation and mindset transformation program that I offer will help you with just that.

Did you know?

Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.

Over come the pain of the past and fear of the future to live the present.

If this is something that you are looking for, the 6 months transformation course is something that you need.

Overall, you will reinvent yourself!

You will get a chance to look at yourself in the mirror and introduce yourself!
Wouldn’t that be amazing, changed and all positive?

  • Discover the Mindset Foundations essential for building a successful Relationship.
  • Identify the key values for success in your business.
  • Unlocking Your Brain’s Hidden Power
  • Release limiting beliefs and fears
  • How to change unwanted behaviors
  • How to empower and motivate yourself
  • How to create a life changing visionary
  • how to upgrade your mental energy and stay positive.
  • How to develop and create powerful habits for life transformation.
  • Banish sabotage and procrastination.
  • Build self awareness will move you to be more in control of your choices, actions and results.
  • Provide answers to unlock limiting blocks and set yourself free with purpose, time and confidence.

In all my programs, I work together with you and help you navigate the course and
transform your mind.
By the end of the course, you will Feel energised, focused, inspired and motivated to create change Take risks, expand your knowledge, learn new skills and become the best version of you Make something of your life.

Don’t fear failure. Fear being in the exact same place next year as you are today.

Mindset Transformation plans​

Package 1

1 on 1 life transformation
$ 297 1 on 1 Session
  • An hour 1 on 1 Zoom Class
  • In this package, you get a chance to go live on zoom or on call with me for an hour. I will provide solutions to your life problems and help you see the path to light. I will answer all your questions and be your mentor to direct positivity in your life.
  • This package can be purchased during any program or before the program to understand my style of coaching
Free for VIP

6 months

$ 997 6 Months
  • 24 sessions.
  • Interactive question and answer sessions every week.
  • Worksheets, activity sheets.
  • Bonus #1: Access to mindset transformation video classes.
  • Bonus #2: In text support through the program.
  • Bonus #3: Free lifetime Access to all my recorded videos
Sale for Today

6 months

VIP Package
$ 1450 6 Months
  • 24 sessions.
  • Interactive question and answer sessions every week.
  • Weekly live calls.
  • Worksheets, activity sheets.
  • Bonus #1: Access to mindset transformation video classes.
  • Bonus #2: In text support through the program.
  • Bonus #3: Advanced relationship training course access.
  • Bonus #4: FREE 45 min 1:1 Call with me $value 297, You will Have the chance to get really clear on what is going on internally so you can clear any blocks and create personal change that is in alignment with your goals
SAle for Today


Customer Says

Some of the review I received from people who have taken up life transformation training
program are as below:

I just love the way Claire give the Mindset course, Her strong background and the amount of knowledge and information that she has Makes the material very interesting and easy to digest. The way she speaks, the way she explains, the way she interacts with each slide make the course very entertaining and nourishing the mind. I experienced with Claire, in the way she answers our questions a wide knowledge and life experiences. I just try to grab each word coming out of her mouth and write it down in my notes so i won’t miss anything valuable.
This is the first time i take the mind set program with Dr. Claire i find it very interesting since it talks about how we deal with our thoughts and how we can find solutions for problems sometimes our brain creates. She help us get through our problems and make the best out of us and help us improve ourselves and our skills. Claire helped me to figure out my potentials and how to get through many struggles to get to my goals . What i find very helpful is that we can share our thoughts and asks questions and find direct answers.i love how she explains things in a very practical and clear way . I completed the NLP course with Dr. Claire and i keep on taking every course she is giving because i find it very educative every time there is something new to be discussed.
Aida Z
So happy being one of the attendees of the Course “Reset Your Mindset” given by Dr. Claire Awada. Learning from a great Mentor who works with high Professionalism, demonstrates a Positive attitude and act a positive role Model by explaining to her attendees in an easy way & made practical sense. During the course , she was dedicated to us specially in the part Q&A. She didn’t ignore any question although she gave advices associated to each case. This course is very beneficial which helps to disassociate feelings from the past in any present situation as well as being aware of the Environmental Connections, living the Moment in a POSITIVE & pleasant way ignoring all the negative thoughts. Dr. Claire is knowledgeable Compassionate and Possesses the attributes of a Great Mentor. She’s committed to helping her mentees find success gratification and Empowering them to develop their own strengths , beliefs and Personal attributes. I highly recommend Every course with Claire who motivates her attendees providing them best tools she has to make a Positive CHANGE for a Fulfilling Life .
RaniA B

What are you waiting for? Join today and prepare to be amazed by your own transformation.