The field of hypnosis was forever transformed by the work of Milton Erickson, who demonstrated how in the midst of an ordinary conversation,  individuals can be guided to profoundly therapeutic states where new solutions become possible.

Hypnosis can help to bring to the surface your hidden ambitions. It can point out the true traits that have influenced and shaped your character. It can tell you why you are the way you are. You can use that information to help shape that change in traits you have been intending to change.

Things that you can achieve using Hypnosis, combined with NLP

  • Change unwanted feelings and behaviors
  • Eliminate your fears and phobias
  • Learn how to be in control of your emotional state
  • Understand your subconscious Mind.
  • Understand the relationship between emotions and health, mind and body to create a sense of total well-being
  • Be free of old patterns that have held you back in the past
  • Get clear on your goals
  • Learn to see life differently and how to create a different prespective
  • Become calmer, more at peace, with less tension.
  • Get rid of negative messages by changing self talk
  • Moving from Procrastination to Motivation