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You have big, powerful ideas.

But do you know how to communicate them effectively?

Communication is the bridge that turns our ideas into enterprises. Our thoughts into things.

Sometimes we struggle with knowing what we want but not knowing the right tools to make it happen and enroll others in our vision.

You may feel like you are at a crossroads. Your personal life or professional life is ready for some tough and transformative decisions.

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Licensed NLP Certification Training

NLP is the missing key that is ready to unlock unlimited your personal empowerment. Even better? Once you’re done with me, you won’t just be an NLP practitioner, but you will also be licensed by The Society of NLP, signed by Dr. Richard Bandler.


There is an unlimited use for NLP, but they are best used for:

Why Choose Me?

My dynamic services are designed to form the preferences and styles of each client. Some people see the best results from one-on-one coaching while others blossom in group settings. Still, some others require the flexibility of online courses. I offer my services in a variety of settings to bring about effective change no matter the personal needs of my clients.

It’s my mission to empower corporate women (and men!) with the tools, resources, and strategies they need to succeed both personally and professionally. That’s why I take the time to better understand the individual needs and goals of each client to ensure my services are strategically designed to meet the demands of each client. Everything I provide is custom-tailored to each person I work with.

I have well over a decade of experience working with professionals in all professional positions from C-Suite executives to entry-level workers. Over the years, I’ve perfected my services through ongoing education and the adoption of innovative strategies to ensure my clients are seeing effective, impactful, and meaningful changes in their lives through my services.

My coaching services are flowing to reflect the changes you experience as a professional. Instead of being a one-way, static dynamic, my meetings with clients are interactive and collaborative by nature. I encourage open conversations and try my best to make my clients feel 100% comfortable and relaxed. Together, we’ll create positive changes to help you reach your goals.

You’re not looking for temporary changes or quick fixes. Instead, you’re searching for repeatable, long-lasting, and impactful transformations that can fundamentally improve your trajectory. As a leading executive coach, I empower my clients with the knowledge and internal supervision they need to continue their growth and development long-term.

Claire Awada is very passionate and professioal Licensed NLP Trainer and I highly recommand her in helping you achieve your goals. ~Dr. Richard Bandler

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