My Story

I’m Claire Awada

– a leading executive and transformational coach committed to empowering corporate women and men to reach their potential both personally and professionally.

Feeling stuck? I’ve been there, too. Only once I discovered the tools to engineer my life the way  I wanted, was I able to shed the fear and achieve my dreams. Today, I make it my mission to pass these very same tools onto you.

I have 2 decades of experience helping clients identify self-limiting beliefs, overcome both internal and external obstacles, and chart a path forward toward their goals. I create meaningful and personal relationships with my clients so it feels more like they’re dealing with a knowledgeable, caring friend. 

By creating a familiar, transparent, and laid-back atmosphere, it’s easier for clients to open up and be honest for more effective meetings overall.

Before embarking on the journey of female wellness and empowerment, I earned a Ph.D. in philosophy with a special focus on transpersonal counseling. I’m a clinical hypnotherapist and a licensed transformational coach. I also have qualifications as an Executive NLP Coach. All of my education and training provide me with the resources, tools, and knowledge needed to help my clients make effective, personal, and long-lasting changes to improve their lives personally and professionally.

My work has been recognized in a variety of ways. I’ve been the subject of several pieces spanning a multitude of mediums including TV, magazines, and radio. I have high-profile celebrity clients ranging from television hosts to politicians, and was even a contestant coach on Arab Idol. I assisted in NLP training with the co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler. I even coached the contestants on Arab Idol in 2017.

My Qualifications

NLP Trainer

Executive NLP Coach & Trainer

Mindset Transformational Coach

Clinical Hypnotherapist

PhD. in Philosophy – Transpersonal Counseling