Online Group Coaching

Online group coaching is a favorite of many, since it allowsstudents to practice the techniques that they are learning by engaging with other people working toward similar goals. Dr. Claire has over twelve years of experience in group coaching. She is bright, articulate and has a solid background in academic research.

Unfold Your Future

What you will achieve attending Unfold Your Future Quest:

Connect with your inner self and find your true purpose. This will make your life feel full of passion and have more meaning.

The fear of failure will no longer be an obstacle that holds you back from taking huge leaps. If you’ve ever dreamed about an exit from your comfort zone and want to start building your dream business, you’d be able to do it.

Take control of your life, and have the power to do anything you want, you can finally feel more fulfilled, accomplished, and empowered.

You’ll become a more powerful person than you are today because there will be clarity, creativity, intiuition and wellbeing it all begins with an awareness that we and the context through which we live our lives determine our perception that determines our experience.

You can see for yourself that you don’t need more techniques to achieve your goals. Unfold your Future will allow you to break away from any limitations, have a better vision, and be more empowered to attain greater heights.


Relationship Dynamics

Understand the science of love and drama cycles and how to stop them.

Use communication strategies that actually work and create low-conflict, highly intimate conversions.

Experience the power of forgiveness and know effective strategies for letting go, being free, processing forgiveness, and making apologies.

Understand how to stop unhealthy patterns and reprogram limiting beliefs.Know how to speak the language of love so that both you and your partner feel loved and supported.

 Gain tools and insights to create long term happiness in your relationships.