Would You like to improve your life and be on top of your game? Would you like to think, feel, and react differently? The following are just some of the issues we can help you with; Relationship and Family Conflict, Negative Thinking, Create Positive Outlook on Life, Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Anxiety and Stress, Depression and Loss, Phobias, Fears and Traumas, Substance Abuse and Other Addictions, Performance Anxiety/ Stage Fright, Panic Attacks, Lack of Motivation, Life Transitions. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Each session is individualized and tailored to fit each client's needs. In the initial session a brief overview of how the mind works will be given as well as a brief description of what Hypnosis and NLP are. The client will then give a short history and explanation of what they are looking to achieve in the session and then the Re-Programming of the Mind will begin. Results will often be seen and felt after the first session and continue in subsequent sessions until the issue is resolved.

All clients are seen by special appointment.


We all must face offensive or upsetting conditions in life, whether at work or in our personal lives. Many of us have lost our cool at one time or another, some of always struggle with keeping calm about upsetting things. On the other hand, there are many people who handle the same situation very calmly and without much stress. The point is that there are people who are able to control their emotions. These are the folks who do not get angry or frustrated with situations and instead can the find the solution to a problem very calmly. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] They even take criticism in a positive way and use it to improve their performance. The reason behind their success is that they have a high level of emotional intelligence. They understand themselves completely and even understand the emotional needs of others. Nowadays, effectively using emotional intelligence is important to gain success in both our personal and professional lives. In the workplace, emotional intelligence is considered just as important as technical skills.

What Exactly Is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence is an ability to recognize the emotions of another person and understand what they are trying to say to you and includes understanding how they are affecting people around you. Emotional intelligence also involves perception. For example being aware of how another person is feelings greatly helps in managing a relationship with them in an effective manner. Emotionally intelligent people are among the most successful because they not only make others feel good about themselves, but they are able to go through life handling difficult situations easily, compared to those who get frustrated or upset.

How We Help You in Increasing Emotional Intelligence?

We help you in achieving all five elements of Emotional Intelligence by working with you on the following.

  • We make you aware of yourself so that you can understand your emotions and are able to control them
  • We help you to build yourself up with ways to regulate and control emotions and impulse. By practicing this, you will find that you do not get jealous or angry, and that you also do not make any careless decisions.
  • Increase your level of motivation. This helps in becoming effective, achieving long term goals and becoming very productive.
  • We also help in building empathy.This means the ability to understand the view point of others. By understanding the emotions of others, a person can understand their feelings and perception, which helps in managing the relationship with them.
  • The last important thing is to develop social skills. Social skills are very necessary as they help people in business, when making deals and maintaining good and long term relationships with others.



Timeline Therapy is another technique that is used within NLP for various purposes. The main reason for using Timeline Therapy is that it utilizes a person’s internal timeline by working with their unconscious mind. It is done to heal emotional traumas and remove unwanted thoughts, behaviors and emotions. It is done in a very short period of time. Usually it takes minutes not even days or months. The main reason for using Timeline Therapy is to make you free from the past so that you can open your own pathways to a bright future. [read more=”Read more” less=”Read less”] Timeline Therapy was first used by Aristotle in his book “Stream Of Time”. In the latest development of NLP, Timeline Therapy's unique techniques are established with unparalleled methods so that they creates powerful change in business, education, coaching and therapy.

With the help of the Timeline Therapy technique, many significant events in a person’s past can be aligned. Another important thing is that negative emotions and memories can be removed in an effective and easy manner. This has a great impact on a person’s behavior as it is very obvious that if bad memories are removed then a person's feelings and outlook can change. An example of this can be viewed as what happens when a person is sent back to memories of their past and given a chance to do something differently. It is obvious that the person will make those decisions in a new way which will support the person's current position. No matter if they are chosen consciously or unconsciously, these decisions do affect our behavior. All these decisions are stored in our timeline, and we can access them through our timeline. In short, the NLP Timeline Technique can be used to design and create a bright future by releasing all negative emotions and bad decisions made in our past.