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Dr. Claire Awada

An International  Lifestyle Transformation Coach and Motivational Keynote Speaker with years of experience in the field of Behavior Modification. My passion is to educate, inspire, and empower people and businesses to achieve their highest potential. 

PhD |Motivational Speaker| Lifestyle Transformation Coach | Executive Coach | Charisma Coach | NLP Practitioner & Trainer


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The Imaginative originator & leader of revolutionary, courses & event experiences that change your life:

Lifestyle Transformation Coach

Dr. Claire Awada is a motivational mentor& expert Trainer who encourages, inspires & teaches people to live intentionally, benevolently & powerfully. She launched Believe 2 Achieve Institute & Claire Awada International NLP with a mission to Motivate Change through Inward Growth.

She has trained under Anthony Robbins participating in UPW, Resources for creating an extraordinary Quality of Life program as well as his Ultimate Relationship Program. Claire is an inspiring, engaging and entertaining speaker. Her approach is unique, and she puts an emphasis on the importance of practical, simple and immediately useful skills and insights. Her speeches and coaching are humorous but also full of passion which enables her audience participants and clients to engage freely and openly in the process of empowering themselves.

Claire Awada Charisma & Executive Coach, International Keynote & Motivational Speaker

International Executive Coach

Claire Awada International Keynote SPeaker & Motivational Coach

Claire has been inspiring & empowering audiences for over a decade. She tailors her presentations to reach the audience that she is speaking to in a way that will inspire them to take action. She is an expert speaker who has an uncanny ability to share strategies and techniques that promote mindfulness & inspire participants to take purposeful actions to accomplish previously unrealized levels of success, self-actualization & influence on those around them. She has an overwhelming & lasting impact on the participants in any of her [presentations from college students to business executives and celebrities. Claire Awada has delivered keynote speeches and motivational presentations for distinguished audiences worldwide.

Claire is known for her ability to use words with precision to persuade and motivate those who are in search of change in their lives. She will teach you the importance of carefully choosing the words you use towards yourself and others and how this simple, yet effective change will help make a significant difference in all areas of your life. Participants will get practical and useful techniques to make sure their thoughts are being related clearly and effectively to be heard by team members, business partners, employers, employees, and loved ones.


Master Trainer of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Dr. Claire Awada is a Motivational mentor & Expert Trainer who encourages, Inspires & teaches people to live intentionally, benevolently and powerfully. She launched Believe 2 Achieve Institute & Claire Awada International NLP with a mission to inspire Motivate Change through Inward Growth. With NLP Training, you learn to teach others to harness the "language of their mind"

Her unique blend of Neuro-linguistics, neuroscience, psychology & quantum physics creates a impressive fundamental learning setting to increase mindfulness, breakthrough limiting beliefs, inspire amazing results & accomplish real success in every area of life. A Master Trainer of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) & a Certified Hypnotherapist, Claire Awada offers worldwide certification. This intelligent, perceptive & multi-cultural Coach & Trainer will Transform your lifestyle starting with your mindset.

International Keynote Speaker & Motivational Coach

TV Executive & Media Personality Coach

Claire Awada Charisma & Executive Coach, International Keynote & Motivational Speaker

For many years now Claire Awada has been interviewed on countless radio and TV shows as an expert on gaining confidence and the fine art of communication.

She has been instrumental in helping many powerful multinational companies increase their bottom line and the performance levels of high level employees within the company.

The Charisma Gateway Coaching program is designed to meet your individual or companies goals when you apply the well tested and proven action plans.

Learn to communicate effectively and efficiently to maintain the attention of your audience whether it is an audience of one or one thousand.

Capturing your audiences attention requires that you develop a relationship of cooperation that start with honest and effective communication.



Dr Claire Awada is also an author of several books available on Amazon "MONSTERS INSIDE ME",  "MIND ENGINEERING JOURNAL" and "BELIEVE 2 ACHIEVE" (which is also available in Arabic).

Claire Awada  is also the founder of Believe 2 Achieve Institute & Claire Awada International NLP and the author of   these highly sought after tools that train you with sensitivity, perception and awareness. her books include practices that : change how you communicate with yourself and others in order to change your life.

Claire Awada Author

"Our life changes and differs from others because of our thought process. Our thoughts create our reality. "

Monsters Inside Me - Claire Awada